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Naomi D. Jones, RN

Early on in my career I got tired of the day to day existence. I wanted to be better, do better and have better and serve better. As a forever learner both personally and professionally, I started out in healthcare as a Home Health Aide, I found my calling but still found it difficult to understand my “why”. My journey led me to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, then a Registered Nurse earning a Master’s degree and several certifications. I found out these were tools that supported me in finding my real purpose. As an entrepreneur, I ran in to some of these same hurdles. It was in the discovery of some mental patterns (a ‘chicken’ mentality) that I was able to become unstuck and live my purpose, intentionally and fully with joy.

Let me help you find your real “why”! Learn how to ‘Check Y.U.R. Chicken‘! Your journey is about connecting the dots of your life in your mind, body, soul and spirit! I can help you connect those dots and discover how to live your purpose, ON PURPOSE! It all starts with the Vision! What do you see for your life? What do you want and what’s holding you back from getting it? Let me introduce you.

If you’re ready to get off the Merry-go-round of life and stop living below your DESIRED potential, then this workshop is for YOU!